Tools & Materials

  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Paris Grey
  • Clear Shellac


Get a refresh on your old furniture. Specifically how to repaint a wood bed frame and give it new life with flower-inspired flourishes and the right finishing.

Old pieces of furniture in shades of brown are dying to show off their details. A crisp spray of gray brings forth the textures and elegant architecture of the bed.

Step 1

Spraying a piece of furniture is quick and easy but you must be prepared. Drape the floor and wall of your workspace with paint cloth. Chalky finish paint dries quickly so you will be able to turn the pieces as you go. Make sure your work space is well ventilated and you wear a paint mask


Step 2

To stop stain bleed through on a painted finish, spray the entire piece with a coat of clear shellac to seal the stain. Failure to properly coat the former finish will result in patches of discoloration. Load the FLEXiO® 890 Detail Finish nozzle with clear shellac, spray and let dry twenty-four hours before spraying with chalky paint.

Step 3

Load paint into the FLEXiO® 890. The larger paint holder will allow you to work fluidly without stopping. Employs a steady back and forth motion to get a smooth and seamless finish. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® should be lightly applied over the bed’s architectural detail to provide some contrast and bring its decorative features to the forefront.

Step 4

Keep moving and turning the headboard to get complete coverage over the entire surface.

  • Furniture
  • Home Decor
  • Interior Rooms
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