Tools & Materials

  • California Latex Paint flat finish
  • Blue Paint Three different shades
  • Painter's drop cloths
  • Diluted white paint
  • Sponge



If you aren’t sure your personalized paradise is just a spray away, this living room makeover will make you a believer. A mix of colorful paint hues in blue take simple thrift shop furnishings to new heights as personalized and coordinated pieces.

A well-worn coffee table, multi-cubby wall unit and decorative side table were all culled from a thrift shop for under $200. Fabrics and botanical prints collected along the way inspired the paint scheme. Using Wagner products like the SMART Edge Roller™ power paint roller and the Home Décor Paint Sprayer transformed this ho-hum living room into a dreamy designer space.

Step 1

Since your whole room is getting a face lift, start your efforts by painting your furniture. Drape a wall and floor with painter’s drop cloths to create a paint station. Vent the space by opening a window or outside door and then begin by giving your pieces an even coat of paint.

These furnishings were coated with California latex paint in a flat finish. Primer in the paint means a smooth, opaque finish. You may choose either the Home Décor Sprayer or the FLEXiO® 890 to upcycle these pieces. Remember to keep the nozzle only three inches from the surface and glide low and slow in an even pattern.


Step 2

Once you get started, any surface can be revived with paint. This living room makeover is a prime example of how versatile Wagner paint tools are and how many different furnishings can be painted with an array of paint treatments. Projects become more about creative personal statements than simply painting a room.


Step 3

We picked three shades of blue to make this space personal and beautiful. We started by using the Home Décor Sprayer to cover the wall with a beautiful shade called Parrot Head and then was mottled using the Wagner SMART Edge Roller™ filled with diluted white paint. Simply pass the roller over the semi-wet wall and wipe away excess paint with a sponge. Repeat until entire wall softly mottled with white paint creating a fresco-like finish.

Bookcase Solution

Step 1

Shy away from painting a book case or cubby NO MORE! Wagner spray tool products make it a cinch to paint the inside of any piece of furniture. We used the Home Décor Sprayer to paint the inside of this unit a reflective shade of blue. On the outside and cross bars of the front of the cubicles, we used the SMART Edge Roller™ and a periwinkle shade of blue to finish the piece.

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