Tools & Materials

  • Bin Primer Sealer
  • Valspar Reserve Interior Satin Paint White
  • Painters Tape


Spraying your garage will be the best thing you ever do. Whether it has unrefined rustic walls or dry wall, adding a finished touch makes it a much more engaging and usable space. You could do the same thing for a shed, chicken coop or small barn space. The addition of screening over the garage door opening makes it all summer ready and keeps it free from bugs. Open air living at its best.

So let us teach you how to paint your empty garage into a screen-in living space to entertain or just hang out.

Step 1

First be sure to clean the walls and floor of the garage. Pressure wash walls and floor and thoroughly vacuum with a shop vac. Rustic walls will need a primer first. Using the FLEXiO® 990 continuous feed sprayer coat the interior with Bin Primer Sealer first and let dry thoroughly. Place a final finish coat using Valspar interior satin paint applied.

Step 2

With the FLEXiO® 990 continuous feed sprayer. Paper over windows and tape off anything that you don’t want coated and paint screen door, screen panels and window trim.

Step 3

Floor concrete stain from Valspar in a blue hue called Mountain Lake does a great job reviving an old, chippy cement floor. Apply using the RENUVO paint applicator. Begin by drawing paint out from the edge of the wall using a SMART Roller®. Then simply use the RENUVO to paint the floor in an up and down motion. Let cure overnight before walking on it.

Step 4

Painting the floor a color adds lots of style and interest to the space. Painted furniture in contrasting shades and layers of textured carpet help to create a colorful design that is a feast for the eyes.

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