Tools & Materials

  • Painter's tape
  • Pencil


Make a new first impression. Learn how to paint a front door the right way. Fast. Clean. Easy. With a paint sprayer.

A refreshed door can add new life and curb appeal to any home. These stylish upscaled doors can add holiday flair or a fresh style that works all year long.

Refined Elegance

“There is nothing more welcoming than a beautifully decorated door that reflects the creative style of the homeowner.” —Carol Spinski

Step 1

A subtle stencil in Old Ocher adds refined detail to this door that features a sophisticated but understated arch. Place stencil on door with blue painter’s tape and roll over it with the SMART Edge Roller®. 

Step 2

Fill an urn with apples and variegated greens. A wreath of sprayed twigs is enlivened with fresh cut branches. The stencil design will make an engaging door all through the new year.

Old Time Christmas

“My front door and porch is the first area I decorate for the holidays. Nothing says welcome and conveys the joyfulness of the season more than a front door that’s decked out for the holidays. —Debra Norton

Step 1

Precision cut medallions from the craft store can add a Scandinavian snow flake pattern to the door. To paint, simply place medallions on the sticky side of blue paint tape. Roll over surface with a SMART Edge Roller® filled with paint.

Step 2

Affix to the door with sparing amounts of low tack adhesive for easy removal. Decorate with a straw hat or floral wreath in the warmer seasons.

Citrus Surprise

“There is nothing more attractive to me then real curb appeal at the holidays. With a blast of color and a natural citrus theme, this is an entry that really turns heads. “ —Matthew Mead

Step 1

Using the SMART Edge Roller® is a great way to work fast and cover the door with an even coat and little mess. In this project we used California Paints in Parakeet, Lime Twist and Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old Ochre.

Step 2

Oranges are plentiful and inexpensive at holiday time. Fill a crock or urn with leaves and fruit for a welcoming arrangement. Fresh greens mix with citrus for a eye-catching wreath. Use faux fruit in the northern regions of the USA, fresh fruit in southern states.

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