Tools & Materials

  • Latex paint
  • Painter's tape
  • Brass "L" brackets
  • Gorilla glue


Created by Debra Norton

Maker, blogger, and DIY columnist for the Toronto Star app Star Touch, Debra instantly thought of the trendy color emerald green with a shiny lacquer. She began by using painter’s tape to mask some of the wood finish to create graphic contrast on the legs and then loaded the sprayer with high gloss latex paint. A paint sprayer is the perfect way to mimic a lacquer finish, as it never has brush marks.



Step 1

Mask the bottom 3–4 inches of each table leg with painter’s tape. Fill the Home Décor sprayer with latex paint and spray all of the exposed wood.

Step 2

Allow paint to dry, then remove the painter’s tape to expose the unpainted feet.

Step 3

Apply Gorilla glue to the back of the brass “L” brackets and place on the corners of the drawers.

  • Furniture
  • Home Decor
  • Off the Wall
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